I know that feeling too busy and too stressed almost daily might seem like a normal part of life...

This is an illusion. It's not real.

What IS real is the burnout you are feeling right now.

What IS real is the message that the pain you feel in your body is trying to tell you.

What IS real is the anxiety that lingers within your soul and your physical body from the trauma you have survived.

My mission is to show you that you can live a vibrant life full of joy and happiness NOW even if LIFE has done nothing but teach you how to suffer.

"Just like there's always time for pain, there's always time for healing." Jenefer Brown

I've been in your shoes.

I've given my all to everyone in my life.

I've strived to be the nicest person in the room.

I've felt unappreciated, ignored, taken advantage of, and ultimately humiliated, angry and sad by the rejection.

Underneath all of that were deep wounds left from the emotional traumas of a lifetime of physical and sexual abuse.


No matter how hard I tried to "just be happy", anxiety and stress continued to fill my body and eventually manifested into physical pain. 

Still, I continued to try to be everything to everyone.

I worked long hours in my business. I carted my children from one activity to the next. I maintained the "perfect" home.

I didn't listen to my body and finally, fed up with being ignored, my body gave out.

I didn't listen to my body and finally, fed up with being ignored, my body gave out. 

First , with a painful shoulder surgery. After the surgery, I barely took any time to allow myself to fully recover. I had to get back to my busy LIFE!

Then, I immediately had a major car accident that brought me to a full stop. I physically couldn't PUSH myself anymore.

The message was clear: it was time for me to slow down and take my own healing seriously. 

I won't lie to you. Taking this step to slow down and really face my own trauma was not easy for me. I mean, "slowing down" to do anything just wasn't in my vocabulary!

But living the way that I was living simply was no longer an option. 

I wanted more. More for myself and more for my family. I wanted to use my energy more wisely.

So, I went to work.

And, this time that work was totally on MYSELF.

I found a new way to live that was truly aligned with my DNA. 

One that balances a beautiful lifestyle to model for my daughters, free of the stress, anxiety, and physical PAIN that used to be my "normal".

You can have this too.

You can live a vibrant and healthy life that fills you with joy!

It's time to heal your body and connect with your Divine Sacred Energy.

If you're here, your Destiny is saying YES to the calling that is your birthright.

If You....

  • Are tired of working your ass off and need a little more fun in your life;

  • Want to experience clarity as you design your dream life;

  • Feel like you’re out of control and helpless and you need help on what direction to go;

  • Long to feel healthy, vibrant and pain-free;

  • Are you ready to turn disease into ease;

Schedule your call with me today and let's talk about how to heal the pain and honor the woman that you were born to be.