Stop running away from your SHADOW… And start EXPLORING your WORLD.


Hi, my name is Mary Weaver. I’m a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach,  Reiki master of 12 years, and Entrepreneur for 20 years. I want you to live the life you’ve always dreamed of. In my powerful 12-week healing program UNMASKING, we dive deep down into the part of yourself known as the Shadow and begin the healing work of self-transformation.

According to the great psychologist Carl Jung, your Shadow contains all the parts of yourself you decided weren’t worth seeing the light of day. However, when we encounter these parts of ourselves head-on—and begin transforming them from Shadow parts into Strength—we find incredible, powerful versions of ourselves we completely forgot existed!

So, what kind of energies or aspects of ourselves live in the Shadow? It could be anything, from Anger, or Sadness, to Sexuality, Strength, or even Love. These Shadow parts are any aspects of ourselves that the world convinced us were not good for us to embody, and nearly every person on the planet has them.

For example, for many of us women, we have been led to believe that showing Strength can make us unattractive. We fear showing power because people might think of us as “bossy.” Over time, we’ve internalized that lie, and hide our strength from others. Similarly, for many men, the world may have taught you that showing Sadness is a sign of weakness or that Anger is uncivilized. You decided that you could never cry or show heartfelt emotions, so you trapped these parts of yourself deep inside your Shadow. While some of the things we hear from the world may hold some truth, most of the time, they’re simply lies. You have tried countless times to shut the door on your Anger and Power, your Sadness or Sexuality, but you know it’s not working. You have learned how to shut out a life that felt natural in order to fit in with others. Perhaps you’ve grown comfortable with this second-rate way of living, but you know there’s a truer version of yourself waiting to let loose.

Well, I’m here to say: you have every right to be Strong!! You have every right to show emotions!! You have every right to be Angry, Sexual, and every other energy you’ve been bottling down inside yourself for so long!

These parts of You don't deserve to be brushed to the side. They don’t deserve to be ignored. When these parts of ourselves are not acknowledged, it can feel overwhelming, and we can even begin to develop serious problems like depression. Maybe you’ve grown used to that heavy, dark blanket that hides you from the world. But when we work with the underlying causes, you’ll, at last, be able to remove it and push out of your comfort zone.

You’ll begin crushing every limiting belief and pattern that paralyzed you from living a FEARLESS life! How? Because those parts of yourself… are going to become your greatest Allies! Throughout my UNMASKING healing course, you’re going to learn how to LOVE and TRANSFORM the parts of yourself you’ve been ignoring for so long. Those Shadow parts have turned ugly and dark like prisoners rotting inside a prison cell. But now, it’s time to take them out and clean them up. We’re going to transform them back into parts of yourself, so they can become your inner Allies and Helpers. So much joy and strength is just waiting to be unleashed! We’ve all been hiding behind a mask that we wear to show the world we can fit in and be accepted. We’ve all been living someone else’s life, just so that we can avoid getting hurt. The only problem is… we’ve been hurting ourselves all along by denying who we truly are! It’s time to take off the mask and FACE our fears. It’s time to look at ALL the parts of ourselves and discover that each part has a unique and vital role to play in our lives.

You will feel safe and protected while you do your deeper work. Transformation is not an easy task. After all, your shadow parts are going to be just as scared of coming out as you are going into the shadow! For so long, each side has believed that only pain exists in the other. It’s difficult to look at the parts of ourselves we don’t want to admit exist.

That’s why I provide the utmost compassion, care, and nurturing to allow you to have a completely protected space. You’ll be able to explore these parts of yourself for the first time without any kind of pressure or judgment. You’ll always be in complete control of your own healing process. I’ll be there to guide you through this sacred and powerful self-transformation with my expert experience and powerful exercises. At long last, after acknowledging the parts of yourself you’ve been hiding from for so long, you’ll create Inner Peace inside your soul. Your old Shadow parts will relax, having been fully integrated into your total personality. They’ll know that you appreciate them and that they will never be ignored again.











No longer will your Shadow cry out in pain, begging you to give it some attention. Your outer world will become FREE from the emotions that once controlled you. No longer will you feel jealous of others living effortless and joyful lives. You’ll be able to enjoy life to the fullest, too! You’ll be one of the people who others ask, “how are they so always confident in themselves?”

I know you can feel the OLD way of falling all around you. You know the strategy of ignoring and Trudge Forward isn't a sustainable system to work from anymore. Isn’t it time to transform yourself into the real you? Isn’t it time to take back all the parts of yourself you know are worthy of Attention and Love? The answer is Yes!

Now is the time to face your SHADOW!

Now is the time to take off the MASK and stand in your power!

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