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Retreat Yourself 


April 1st -3rd

April 29th - May 1st

location Santa Barbara

 3 days with 12 women, fitness classes, meditation, reiki, and more! Email for more info.


Soul AliveRetreat

You are the most potent force in the universe.


Everything you need is already in you.


Inside of you is drive, tenacity, wisdom, determination, grace, ease, flow, and passion


Tap into it.


It's there. 


You feel it when you get upset and excited, and overjoyed. 


Something incredible happens when we decide to upgrade our lives. And it doesn't have just to be material upgrades. 


How would you feel if the thing you desired happened or showed up? 


What if you already have your desires, but you want to maintain the flow & beauty of it all? 


Living well takes intention, clarity, and purpose. We have to become increasingly clear on what we want.


We have to be honest with ourselves about what those things are and where we are. 


Creating the life we want takes dedicated time. 


It’s an investment that upgrades your health, mentality, spirit, and money always flows!


We must learn to make deliberate and decisive choices.


I used to think that taking time for myself meant I would fall behind. 

We must know the power of our decision and creation.


When fear sets in around money, relationships, and health, as we Women, we have to take time to nourish ourselves.


I am so excited for the shifts, transformation, healing, and Wealth that will occur!!


It's time as women to expand and do this repeatedly and with growing ease, confidence, and certainty.


You must know the power of your decision will create the life you want to have! - Mary Weaver


 We must create the life we want.

It's TIME we
OWN it!

Retreats located in SoCal 
Mahatten beach


Wealthy Goddess Retreat