It’s time to REGAIN your confidence, ENERGY,

and manifest your desires!

It’s Time To Tap Into Your True Potential.

Remember, Magic Is Endless!

" I can’t have it all."

" It’s too hard to do the inner work and have a family."

" I have a passion inside, but I have no time."

I never, ever, ever want anyone to feel POWERLESS

because dreams can come true.

You can attract the love of your life.

You can grow your BIZ with ease.

You can be healthy & have a family.

You can feel valued at your job and up-level.

You can heal yourself & attract the right resources

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You may be thinking things like:

When I designed this training,

I wanted to help the woman I once was: "The lost, stuck People Pleaser!" It's time to reclaim our health, Wealth And Mindset!

Today, I run a fabulously successful business and have a family that keeps me inspired to be the best VERSION of me. But trust me - I spent many months spinning my wheels, trying to get ahead.

Transform Your Life Into A Soul-Fulfilling Prosperous Success

And Enjoy Freedom As you Dance Through Life With Ease

Are you longing to improve your health & Nourish your relationships?


Do you long to discover a more Feminine approach to success that allows you to be more yourself?


Are you ready to Learn how to tap into your divine feminine energy so you dont burnout from doing things the old masculine way?


Are you a purposeful leader eager to advance your career?


Are you committed to taking a stand for your health & wealth?


Do you long to discover a deeper power in manifesting your hearts desire?


Are you ready to take a Feminine approach to success that allows you to flow through life with ease?


Do you long for more peace and grace in your relationships?


Do you want to get paid well for your innate genius so that your contributions are meaningful and appreciated at the highest levels?


Do you want others to consider you irreplaceable?


Are you Ready to take the time to honor yourself and values?!

22 Days to mastermind & Manifest!

Designed specifically for women who are ready to up their game so they can create the life of their dreams & have an enough ENERGY to enjoy all the progress they have made without sacrificing their wellness.

22 Days To Accelerate & Evoke your innate personal power in you!!

This is what you get...

Make It Happen Evoke & Reclaim Program

This 22- Day manifesting program is the secret to turning your passions to infinite W(H)EALTH and by giving you the exact system and framework to create and shape your destiny.

Coaching Call 

40 -minute call holds the keys for you to get emotional and business support along the way which lets you get the answers to your questions without having to figure it out on your own. 


This personal weekly check-in with Mary personally over our time together through Voxer is how you're going to hold yourself accountable so this doesn't end up being another course that you started and didn't finish. 

Badassery workbook 

Stay on track and organized with the content and dive into the flow & healing energy!  Imagine what is possible when you take the time to care for yourself and get the support you need.

By joining this course

you will gain access to a wealth of knowledge, resources and

support you need to live a happy and fulfilled life.

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Women join my training because…

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They want simple strategies to help let go of stress.


They desire their DREAM lifestyle.


They are READY to up-level their business and all relationships.


Ready to tap into their Divine feminine and manifest without burnout!


They want more ENERGY to enjoy the life of their dreams.


They are ready to breakthrough any fear that is holding them back.


They Crave balance and harmony


Ready for PLEASURE & PASSION in life!

Magic is endless, and your brighter future is waiting for you.

To start preparing for this amazing blow your mind journey;