Attention Divine Sacred Women!




Feeling stressed and out of control might give you the illusion that things are getting done but burnout is REAL. The PAIN your body is feeling is REAL.



You give everything you have to everyone. No one seems to notice or appreciate your efforts. This leaves you feeling humiliated, angry and sad… all at the same time.


I know because I’ve been there. Giving it my all, being the nicest person in the room, only be taken advantage of leaving me feeling stupid and worthless.


Ultimately your overdoing is to hide what had happened to you. Being raped and physically beaten is what happened to me and I learned to heal my own trauma and I can help you heal yours, I had enough and it's a safe place to talk.


Anxiety and stress filled my body with pain. I was trying to be everything to everyone, working long hours in my business, carting my children from activity to activity, and still maintaining the “perfect” home. Finally, my body gave out.


The universe was telling me to slow down.


I wouldn’t listen believing that I HAD to do it all in order to be loved.Then came shoulder surgery. Quickly followed by a car accident. I physically COULDN’T continue to push. That’s when I listened.


“Don’t resist change, instead flow and make it happen”,Is what I heard in my head..


I thought, ”This is CRAZY and totally against my DNA.”


But living like I had been was no longer an option. I wanted something more for my family and I really wanted to use my energy more wisely.


I found a new way to live that is truly aligned with my DNA,

You can have this too.


You can live a vibrant and healthy life that fills you with joy!


It’s time to heal your body and connect with your Divine sacred energy.


Your Destiny is saying yes to the calling you we’re born with.


If You....


Are tired of working your ass off and need a little more fun in your life;

Want to experience clarity as you design your dream life;


Feel like you’re out of control and helpless and you need help on what direction to go;


Long to feel healthy, vibrant, and pain-free;


Are you ready to turn disease into ease;


Let’s talk.


I’ve been where you are and it’s my purpose to help you have the life you DESERVE filled with HAPPINESS and JOY