With ALL

My Heart & Soul

Hi! My Name is Mary!


My Story

I was raped by some boys in high school that drugged me at a party,  

after that, I was bullied and made to look like a slut.

I felt like my soul was crushed. Being scared, sad,

heart-broken and just wanting to give up on life.

To overcome the greatest challenge in my life has actually been a gift.

When you train your brain to slow down, you will find yourself making better decisions. Your business or career will grow with more ease.

You will feel lighter, stronger, and calmer.

You’ll respond with more patience and love making your relationships better.


Being at peace is priceless.

It actually calms your brain in ways that slow aging.

You’ll feel and look better.

And maybe even a more powerful!

Are you ready to ride the wave into Happiness?

Great! Welcome to the simple practices guaranteed to calm your soul and zen your day. 


Quote from a client:

Two years ago I thought the universe was against me but now,

thanks to Mary, I feel rewarded! My family, work, and heath have

been thriving! I’m excited about my family’s future!

 - Stephanie Ng

My healing journey led me to my life’s mission:

Supporting women & men into feeling free & Breaking through all FEARS!


Through Reiki healing, Soul beauty wellness calls, and a customized program

of inner and outer beauty practices my clients are able to heal the wounds of

their own bullying experiences and stop the cycle of violence in its tracks.


Over the years I’ve become a vocal Anti-bullying advocate...

My heart longs to help this new generation of girls to have the confidence

and share some wisdom on how to protect themselves. Bullying is a

very delicate subject. Spreading love and awareness is crucial for our world

and the generations to come. Nobody should feel demised and crucified by

technology or any other avenues that we humans have created.


To solve the problem, it is crucial to get out and be heard, no matter what

people think. it is time to get our heads out of the sand and rise up.

We need to love each human being.


Parents being constantly stressed out and releasing words that are negative

and hurtful will damage our children. This will often start a cycle of bullying

where a child criticizes at home takes it out on other children at school.


We must be careful what we express.

As adults, we also need safe places to release stress and emotions.

If we don’t inspire our children they will become poisoned. It is crucial to

have full awareness of everything that we feed, watch, and are around.


The clients that have worked with me have seen the benefits trickle down to their

loved ones. Feeling inspired, happy, and that the universe is on your side, not just for

you but for your family creates a domino effect. Begin with your healing and self-care,

so you have enough to spread the love to our children. Start by giving to yourself,

so we can support each other on a world level.