With ALL

My Heart & Soul

Hi! My Name is Mary!



My healing journey led me to my life’s mission:

Supporting women & men into feeling free & Breaking through all FEARS!


Through Reiki healing, Soul beauty wellness calls, and a customized program's

of inner and outer beauty practices my clients are able to heal the wounds of

their own bullying experiences and stop the cycle of violence in its tracks.


Over the years I’ve become a vocal Anti-bullying advocate...

My heart longs to help this new generation of girls & boys to have the confidence

and share some wisdom on how to protect themselves. Bullying is a

very delicate subject. Spreading love and awareness is crucial for our world

and the generations to come. Nobody should feel demised and crucified by

technology or any other avenues that we humans have created.


I have found so much joy in the simplest things that life has to offer. 

From being taken advantage of, I found my strength & true power. I learned from my negative experiences and decided that life gets to work out for me and my dreams will always come true.  I want to see other's succeed and never feel like they are stuck or worthless. 


I started my business at the age of 22 years old right after I had my  daughter. A 17-year brick n mortar success. 

Now our business is thriving on the inner webs helping, sharing and building a beautiful community.  

This is just the beginning...

We all are going to keep on Rising!

Im so grateful for my clients, friends and family! I celebrate with you! And I am so honored to be on this journey with all of you. 

Many Blessings,

Mary Weaver