Come join us for a Magical Hour

& Envision Happiness!



Oracle Envision Board Workshop
JAN. 18th 3:30 pm
Sign up today! only 3 spots left!

Come join us for a Magical Hour & Envision Happiness!

You've probably heard of a vision board but this isn't your average vision board party!


In this delightfully interactive and magical workshop, we will access your highest self choosing to create your personal Vision Board & Soul Map for 2020.

We started a new 7-year cycle in 2019 with the opportunity to create a new timeline of living an elevated life of our dreams bringing them into manifestation.  Will explore your dreams and goals in and bring forth clarity, guidance, information, and validation of your personal life path as it relates to the bigger universal picture and your part to “play” in the game of Ascension aligning you with your soul blueprint.

You will leave feeling empowered, focused and excited about finally launching your new life and living your hearts desires to bring them into reality!

No Experience Necessary This is for everyone!


What will you gain from taking this class?


*Connection to your highest self and energy of the Divine Feminine to recreate your life!

*Clear action steps for the year!

*Experience a powerful clearing exercise to remove any resistance to your new life!

*Create your combination vision board/dream map to anchor your vision!

* "Envision" essential oil to carry your vision all the way through the year!

*Engage your powerful Cosmic Heart energies to un-leash your creative flow & manifestation powers!

Are you ready to co-create something magical?!!

Cost $35 all supplies included unless you want to add your very own sparkle and flare! Bring away!