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Do you want more Energy

Without feeling like self-care is hard

Anxiety and stress can fill your body with pain & tension.


Is…The universe telling you to slow down?

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  • Are you ready to get your energy back?
  • Let’s burst out of the quicksand and do this!

  • Are you ready to take a stand for your health, time and energy?

  • Are you fed up with feeling sluggish?

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Dry Reeds
  • A mom that needs her daily pick me up to feel centered, energized, and grounded.

  • A busy professional that needs a safe place to let go of stress & anxiety?

  • A healer that needs to fill up your tank so you can help others?

  • Are you committed to taking a stand for your health & wealth?
    This membership is for you!!

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Check out our different membership plans to best fit your needs & goals!

You will get your daily dose of inspiration & guidance from our master coaches & healers.

You will get workouts, food recipes, meditations, and mindset work to help you stay on track.

Tropical Refuge has customized rhythm & core principles that have been tested over the past 6 years. It has a flow that keeps you In harmony with the seasons and life so your busy schedule doesn’t burn you out

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Yoga at Home
You have been given the nudges & You know the time is now to create the life that you want!

This is not for you if you… You’re not ready to invest in yourself & your wellness.

This is the time to decide your done sacrificing your health for work. 
  • Let’s Rediscover your excitement for the future, experience more energy, and a deeper connection to all your relationships.

  • Realign with passion and happiness. 

  • Reconnect with your highest self and get back into action so you can live your best life with your renewed energy and fulfill your desires. 

  • We are a Free of judgment, ridicule, and stress oasis!

  • When you feel stuck or feel like stopping you will have different tools all in one place to help support you so you don’t fall of track.

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